le voyageur
Ein Film v. Timo von Gunten

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Triggered by the mysterious phenomenon of the Voyageur spacecraft returning to Earth, Virginia leaves everything behind to go on a journey with her dead father who she believes to discover in a night train after 25 years of separation. The dead corpse she pushes along in a wheel chair becomes alive and leads her to a place in Bulgaria where her greatest weakness is hidden.

«LE VOYAGEUR» is a story that portrays the journey of a young woman seeking her father who she lost long ago. The entire story leads back to one concert, Simeon promised her when she was a small girl. It’s the concert that never happened as he died from a stroke. 

2016 | Switzerland | 86min | French | Drama, Experimental

Distribution & Worldsales: Innovative EYE


Zürich Film Festival (2016)
Max Ophüls Preis (2017)


Directed by Timo von Gunten
Produced by Jessica Hefti & Timo von Gunten
Written by Timo von Gunten, Gilles Tschudi & Julie Dray

Gilles Tschudi
Julie Dray